Aranyos Seat

Aranyos Seat

Arriving to Aranyos Seat, I always have the feeling that it is impossible to get to every worthy destination. The density and variety of natural and architectural spectacles is typical of this landscape and I must admit that I haven’t been able to get everywhere so far.

Whenever we go there, always remain places for which we go back over and over again. Although we can plan trips regardless of weather and season, I like to be there especially in summer and autumn.

The coolness of the rock passes and caves it is pleasant in summer but the colour cavalcade of the deciduous forests make the autumn period memorable. There is opportunity for a metropolitan wandering, for a small walk in the town, tracing the old fortress ruins, we may plan a hiking for high lookouts or we can have adventures in the bed of brooks that run at the bottom of the passes.

And although judging it from geographical point of view it is not correct, I always regarded the region of Padis one with the region of Aranyos valley. Since the Aranyos valley includes more highlands, not only the Torocko mountains but a part of the Gyalui Mountains, the Metaliferi Mountains and a part of Bihar Mountains. Let me enumerate the sights:

  • Let’s start with the cities in the nearby. Nobody has to advertise Cluj Napoca, the gothic St. Michael Church, Mátyás King’s birthplace, the reformed church in the Wolf street, the Bánffy Palace or the Házsongárdi cemetery, all sights are already known.
  • We do not omit the reformed castle church in Aiud, the castle and the cathedral in Alba Iulia is on the way.
  • After the centre of Torda, we go down right away into the renewed salt mine. It’s like you arrived to a space station and you don’t want to return to the surface anymore. It is possible to spend the time, and who does not take a photo, may go rowing or can play table tennis, etc.
  • The Tordai gorge, wearing the name of the city it is a worthy target alone, to visit it shortly is already a half-day program, but you can spend here many days, too. The multitude of the caves, rock faces, wandering the edges above the cliffs, amaze the visitor all the time.
  • And there is the small village of Torockó (UNESCO world heritage) and the castle keeping watch over the neighboring village, Torockószentgyörgy, opposite the unmistakable Székelykő summit, the smallest high mountain of Transylvania.
  • After the panorama of the Kőközi (Enyedi) pass that can be roamed by a car, it can be an interesting adventure tight narrow canyon of the Remetei pass. You cannot go through it dry, it is a must to move forward in water and during rainy weather one mustn’t enter into the pass, because the sudden flood can sweep away the unsuspecting visitor.
  • From the grandstand of Bedellő, a wonderful panorama overlooks Aranyos valley and we find under the huge rock row the cave of the Szolcsvai hiding river.
  • On the other side of the valley, rises the Gyalui snow-capped mountain ornament, the castle of Béla. The rock gables above authentic provincial houses give a unique picture and although it is a long, whole day tour, it is worth to walk up to the open pastures.
  • Travelling by car upwards on Aranyos valley, we may visit it the ice cave in Scarisoara with little walking, then further directly near the road we can drip into the strange world of the Rust abyss.
  • And then there are the miracles of Pádis: The Miracle castle, the Galbena gorge, the Ponor field and the boulevard of Szamos bazaar. When we have gone so far, the Bear cave is not far. You must see this once!

Innumerable accommodation claims can be satisfied in the neighbourhood of all targets, but regarding the meals, there are places where one has to prepare ahead, since there are no shops or restaurants.

For the hiking only basic equipment is necessary, a couple of boots, clothing and a backpack, in which we can bring the daily food and water requirement. Of course, the hiking is organized based on the group's training and its physical form.


Let's visit Aranyos Seat!

Come with us and have a wonderful journey in Aranyos Seat.