Breadfield and Hátszeg

I think the name, especially Breadfield, requires some explanation. More exactly, it is the name of the area between Szászsebes and Szászváros. This country is attached to the basin of Hateg, for this reason I treat them as one region.

It is a countryside soaked with history, rich in built heritages and natural sights. It is an extensive inner basin, surrounded by highlands. Mostly appears as a half-day program of the hikers who are heading to the Retyezat mountain, but it is really worth to spend 2-3 days and look what this country can provide.

Recommended targets:

  • The first sight of Breadfield is the Red Ditch and it can be found in the immediate neighbourhood of Szászsebes. The photos taken of the mountain in the late afternoon, in the glowing red sunlight, the mountainside covered by wonderful gullies, everybody believes the pictures were taken in the USA.
  • The centre and the lutheran church of Szászsebes.
  • The Transalpine way starts from here, too, known as the rival of the Transzfogaras. One can go up to the heart of the highland, through the Sibiu Mountains (Cindrel) or the Surján mountain to the main ridge of the Parang mountain.
  • Through the borderland of Breadfield and the Hateg basin, starting from Szászváros, long between the mountains, we can find Sarmisegetusa Regia, the old Dacian cultic place. It is a compulsory locality.
  • Arriving to the Hateg basin, the first target may be the castle of Deva. It is waiting renovated its visitors, it is worth to go up even for the view.
  • The other compulsory locality is the castle of Vajdahunyad. Although its neighbourhood is not really friendly, the castle is a jewelry. It is not only an architectural masterpiece, but its enormous historical past can be also motivating. I can’t get tired of it, after numberless times either. I am sure you will adore it.
  • Before Hateg we can go on the forest path of the bison reserve. It is one of the few places where we can observe them in their natural environment.
  • It the near we can see the Reformed Church of Őraljaboldogfalva, from the 13th century.
  • If we go towards the Zsil valley, there are two locations that we shouldn’t omit: the Bolii cave and the Bushel gorge. These are spectacular places that can be reached easily. In the Bushel gorge one can go forward on only in water!
  • In the other direction, towards the Banat mountains, it is worth to spend some time in two places. One is the old Dacian centre, the Sarmisegetusa Ulpia Traiana, and then orthodox stone church in Demsus, called St. Nicholas.
  • And although it is a bit further, it can be visited the bath of Geoagiu-Bai from the Roman age.

We can find accommodation for every target in the neighbourhood, for all kind of claims, reaching these scenes do not require physical strain or any kind of special equipment. The weather is not important either, except for travelling across the Red Ditch and the Transalpina highlands.


Let's visit Breadfield!

Come with us and have a wonderful journey in Breadfield.