Car Trips in Transylvania

The aim of the descriptions above is to take a fancy to walk, and you can decide on a ground level which region is and within these, which targets you are mostly interested in. Above all, the list of sight is important, but you can also find here the built heritage of Transylvania.

You can see the principles of car trips, with many short walks and coloured with several longer tour opportunities. This category is almost for everyone and it can provide really much for those who like wandering in nature, they can recharge themselves there, if they like travelling, discovering unknown places and they are relaxed and friendly.

But if you read this, then all this may be typical of you! Friends, colleagues, families, etc. may apply, and even a team may get together from individual candidates.

According to a neat timetable, things happen so that you select from the list which region, or what kind of targets are you interested in, you answer me a couple of questions (based on a form to be filled in) and I will draw up to most suitable plan for you. It is simple, isn’t it?

First you get the fast and precise sketch of the tour plan with the cost calculations, and after the negotiation of the date and the payment of the reservation you get the detailed tour program.

The detailed elaboration of the tours takes into consideration the team's physical condition, its expectations, the ideal conditions achieving the targets, according to the time devoted to the tours.

Come with us and take a wonderful car tour in Transylvania.

Trekking Tours in Transylvania

I see as my duty to make Transylvania known all over the world, First of all, it is very important to make known the values of nature, but the picture would not be complete if we did not meet its vivid history, the architectural heritage and the daily life of people.

I will lead you into trips over the mountains where the dominant element is the unspoiled nature, the majestic peaks, the beautiful lakes, the pleasantly refreshing paths and the flora and fauna of these mountains. Taking pictures of edelweiss or gentian flower or the prudent pursuit of chamois on the rocky ridges can also be a unique experience. Finally, we can meet transhumance which is common only in Eastern Europe, and for a short period we can be part of everyday life of shepherds. And on the way to the mountains, you will see those castles, fortified churches and villages, that for a few hours will literally take you back to Transylvania’s historical atmosphere.

I decid to differ from the conventional programs and to offer customized tours for everybody. Thus, I present you – by well-illustrated images - a few potential locations that will enrich you with new experiences and a memorable photo collection. Each trip has its peculiarities, so I advise you to read carefully, and if I can help you in making a decision, I look forward to receiving your questions to develop a program that will best suit you.

Come with us and have a wonderful Trekking Tour in Transylvania.

Photo Tours in Transylvania

The title already reveals a lot about the content. The point is, although we walk here, too, it is different than in case of walking tours. During the hiking, that aims becoming acquainted with the mountain range, it is more important to have nice weather, so as to roam the paths under pleasant circumstances. This is not essential on a photo tour. Here we look for special parts of the day, that specific phenomena, we are on the spot at sunrise and sunset – so we walk at the light of torches - and we try to take a photo of our topic from the best side and in its most beautiful moments.

Beyond physical and geographical knowledge, it is obligatory to know the more intimate aspects of the place and take the best pictures of it. When and from where it is touched by the sun, from where do the fronts come that influence the weather, from what direction is it worth to take the picture, when appears a special or unique phenomena etc. You know this, only if you have been there many times. But for this reason is there a tour leader, isn’t?

Most of the activity is at the beginning and at the end of a day. What we do at noon then? Well, we sleep or we can do anything you want… is it ok like this?

Come with us and have a wonderful Photo Tour in Transylvania.

Choose your favorite category and let's visit Transylvania!

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