Photo Tours

Land of Volcanoes

Saint Ann Lake, Mohoș Swamp, sheperds

The Saint Anna volcanic crater lake, the Mossy peat bog and the other examples of the post-volcanic phenomena. In the course of the years, I went to take photos here many times. I know all the ins and outs of this place, its special moments, we are in close relationship, so to speak.

Farm Life

Măgura, Peștera, Holbav

I could even draw it up in such way that world of the small isolated farms, lying in the embrace of the Carpathians mountains, taking photos of them, with authentic forefronts. And you do not even have to climb up the mountain. I am talking about hills in the neighborhood of the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains, where are kept the traditions about the livestock production, buildings, meadows, haycocks and people.


Retezat Mountains, Făgăraș Mountains, Hășmașu Mare

For me it is one of the most attractive photo topics and in addition, it has the most beautiful and spectacular result. It can be a haze, reflection, amazing plants as foreground and magnificent mountain peak in the background or all at the same time, if you can select those moments when these come up. There is no nature photographer, who would not be excited about it.

High Mountains

Retazat Mountains, Făgăraș Mountains, Ciucaș Mountains, Bucegi Mountains

A photo tour built up round a wide concept. Everybody takes pictures of mountains – of course not as many as of women and cats – but numberless creation was made about them and it is harder and harder to make something new or unique. For this reason, one must choose really well the places and adjust the equipment according to it.

Wildlife Photography

If somebody asks me what is the landscape like, that is characteristic to Transylvania and can be found only here, I would answer that those pastures with scattered trees, as in the Bodoc Mountains. It is the place where you meet the shepherd with his flock and you can meet any time a brown bear, searching peacefully.

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