Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

If somebody asks me what is the landscape like, that is characteristic to Transylvania and can be found only here, I would answer that those pastures with scattered trees, as in the Bodoc Mountains. It is the place where you meet the shepherd with his flock and you can meet any time a brown bear, searching peacefully.

For this reason, we try to take these opportunities on this tour. And there is no better place than the Bodoc Mountains, extending modestly in the inner half of the Carpathian bend.

With the exception of the high mountains (generally above 1800 m), the highlands forming the Carpathians and their real characteristic are the clearings above the zone, covered by forests, pastures, where alone, scattered stands, a pine, a beech, an oak.

Its atmosphere is pleasant, intimate, almost lures you to take a nap, lying down in the shadow of a lonely tree. In the depth of the forest and on the clearings, a lot of photo themes arise, in any moment of a day.

Beside this, it is worth to spend a few hours on the shepherd’s farm, taking photos of people, their daily routines, letting out the flock, the process of milking and cheese making.

Last but not least, there is an opportunity to take photos of the big wild animals, too. I am excited to see a brown bear even after so many years, a wild boar or a stag, in its own habitat, freely. We can take photo of them not only from the safety of the hides, but we can try scouting, too. For our safety, an armed hunter will follow us, who knows the district of the animals and their usual roads the best.

We can do this all the year round, although the shepherds go down at the end of the autumn, near the villages. Starting from the villages lying in the embrace of the forests, roaming in them, you can feel their beating, hearing its small rustles, waiting the animal to appear and hearing the song of countless birds… tell me, a nature- lover could get a more tempting offer in Transylvania?

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