About me

About me

Transylvania is my home. I have been roaming its woods all my life and I discovered the world of the Carpathian high mountains in 1995. Since then I have been walking on its paths with ceaseless thirst. The first years meant the chase after performances but it was replaced slowly by the search of the unknown and diverse mountain roads and the feeling that is never going by to share with my friends and acquaintances the wonders of the Carpathians. Moreover, if it is possible, with the whole world.

I started to take photos and this way, through my exhibitions, not only here but abroad as well, I could present to a wider circle the most special moments of the mountains.

They can easily get to any corner of the world via internet. Likewise, taking photo of the Carpathian mountains and knowing its forest life, I got in touch with environmental protection and I could work in two National Geographic projects, too.

Of course, I have been leading tours for long years and I share my knowledge, the beauty of our landscapes, I share my enthusiasm and affection for Transylvania and Carpathians. For you, dear guest, far from the everyday routine and stress, you have got nothing else to do but to entrust yourself to your tour leader. Try to relax and recharge yourself. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself, how unpolite from my part… Barna Bereczki is my name; you can call me Barni for short!

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