Three Seat, Woodland, Csík Seat, Gyergyó Seat, Udvarhely Seat, Saltland

Szeklerland, in today’s sense consists of Covasna and Harghita county and a part of Mures county. Of course, we are interested mainly about its tourism targets and less about the region's history. And believe me, there are a lot of sights to see. The feature of this country, inhabited mainly by Hungarians, are the basins surrounded by woody highlands, villages hiding in secluded valleys, where the pine woods come down until the edge of the settlements. The sights of the region, wedged into the Carpathian bend and in the ring of the eastern Carpathians, are really diversified. The volcanic craters, the cool pinewoods appearing endless or the clear, deciduous forests, the world of romantic lakesides or the alpine pastures may enrich one with unforgettable experiences, far from the routine of the everyday life, stress.

Recommended targets:

  • Háromszék (Kézdivásárhely and its neighbourhood) – Kézdivásárhely may conquer with its special centre , then it is really worth to check out the frescos of the St. Imre Church in Ghelinta, which is on the list of the UNESCO world heritage. The Bálványos resort and ruins of Bálványos castle deserve to spend some time there, then the Apor girls baths with its bubbling sources and the famous sulphurous cave of the mountainside, all these may be interesting targets. It cannot be left out the St. Ann lake, glittering on the bottom of a volcanic crater and its twin, the Mossy moorland. To the latter one, I would pay a visit in the dawn.
  • The ornament of forest country is the Vargyas pass, which is rich in surprises and I definitely would not omit the Daniel castle.
  • After Miercurea Ciuc, we can go to the country of the csango folks in Gyimes, where countless walks can be taken in nature. I would go to the northern spine of the Ciuc mountains, for the panorama of the Harmasko – Kondra cross – Naskalat mountain peak.
  • From Balánbánya, to the neighbourhood of the One stone – Nagyhagymas is possible to walk up, with car it is an easy target reaching the Killer lake, Bekas pass and its surroundings. Here we may pass by at the foot of the mountain Csalho, at the Bekas lake, and then through the Borszek resort we get back to the basin of Gyergyo, taking a rest between the old walls of the Lazar castle.
  • The Salty country offers numberless opportunities, the salt mine and baths in Praid, the Bear lake in Sovata, the lake in Zetelaka, and Harghita, the mountain of the Sekler’s, its highest peak, or the Szökő waterfall, hiding humbly under the peak.

In addition, these can be visited in any months of the year and although all sites are unique and beautiful, there are some places where I prefer to go at the end of the autumn season, on the golden yellow paths or getting there when everything is covered by snow, in the blinding whiteness of the winter. Basic equipment is recommended, that can assure comfortable walks in nature. Among these it is important a comfortable shoe or more ideal, a pair of boots, for longer ground walking. Besides this, it is needed clothes that dry easily, raincoat, wind coat. Especially for longer hiking (several hours) like to the Ciuc mountains or the Nagyhagymas one should pack sandwiches, chocolate, a comfortable backpack which contains a bottle of water and dry clothes. And of course a camera. Regarding the accommodation, on these tours there are no constraints, one can chose a hotel or a hostel with supply or without it. The travelling can be managed in many ways. We can also travel by our own car or we can rent a mini bus.


Let's visit Szeklerland!

Come with us and have a wonderful journey in Szeklerland.