Land of Volcanoes

Land of Volcanoes

The Saint Anna crater lake, the Mossy peat bog and the other examples of the post-volcanic phenomena. In the course of the years, I went to take photos here many times. I know all the ins and outs of this place, its special moments, we are in close relationship, so to speak. One cannot get bored, the landscape is colorful. If there is place where you can experience the calmness, streaming from natural environment, it can be one of the dawns on the lakeside. And not only the greatness of the explosion lake is attractive and photogenic, but the specialty of the bog and the variety of the forests surrounding the twin craters, their mystery. I do not postpone a single occasion to be there alone or with other photographer companions. Again and again. A photographer seldom could come to this place, whom I do not accompany up for a few hours to this wonderful pole of this world.

It can be approached by car easily, you don’t have to walk a lot and you cannot find a better place for taking photos or if you want to experience the infinite calmness of nature.

It is the perfect place when it comes about taking a photo. It can be caught many times, even simultaneously all the phenomena that this explosion lake can provide, steaming water surface, reflection, pine - wood reaching down to the coast and sometimes, if we are lucky, even a bear. Many photo topics can be found in the surrounding forests and in the daytime – when the nature photographer does not even take out the machine – it is possible to take a bath in the lake.

From early spring until the first more serious snowfalls one can take great photos, and the autumn, ha! – Well, autumn is the most beautiful. The glowing yellow foliage of the deciduous alternates with the evergreen of the pines, bending to the blue glittering surface of water. You must see it, because it is not possible to describe it with words...

Among photographers it is a very popular target. There is no nature photographer who would avoid it. I do not remember a photo tour when we had omitted the opportunities given by the Saint Anna and the Mossy moorland.

Let's visit the Land of Volcanoes!

Have a beautiful photo tour in the Land of Volcanoes.