Farm Life

Farm Life

I could even draw it up in such way that world of the small isolated farms, lying in the embrace of the Carpathians mountains, taking photos of them, with authentic forefronts. And you do not even have to climb up the mountain. I am talking about hills in the neighborhood of the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains, where are kept the traditions about the livestock production, buildings, meadows, haycocks and people. All these pressed between the rocky mountains. At the moment, these are the favorite and most well-known places of Romanian photographer’s. It can be easily approached by car, here and there can be found asphalt roads as well and slowly new houses and guesthouses are built, but at least one has got place where to sleep, hasn’t he? It is not the same if you can take a picture even from a window, on a chilly dawn or first you have got to walk/travel by car.

Three places are worth to be taken into consideration. The villages Magura-Pestera, their borderlines I do not even know, it is quite hard to establish on a hill where one starts and where the other ends. Asphalted roads drive here and the civilized world has crept here sensibly, there are built more new houses, and one has to look better, if he wants to take a picture of the old building’s authentic sides. But on both sides huge mountains edge them, the topic is simply inexhaustible.

The other place is Törcsvár - the hill in the Simon neighbourhood –, completely wedged in the westerns rocks of the Bucegi mountains. Here can we find the orthodox monastery of Törcsvár, too.

And finally Holbav, slightly far from the mountains, but with 100 % authentic landscapes and buildings. To walk onto the spine edges of the hill above the settlement, one must walk a little, but the reward is bigger.

We can take a picture of all places and every season has its own magic. We go there mainly during spring and autumn, when the fruit trees are freshly blooming, in the forefront with still snowy mountain peaks and in autumn, the yellow painted crown of the trees are glittering in the light of the setting sun, in the background with the sight of the red painted peaks.

Wonderful places indeed and if I have been taking pictures of them countless times, it means that you will simply adore them!

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