High Mountains

High Mountains

A photo tour built up round a wide concept. Everybody takes pictures of mountains – of course not as many as of women and cats – but numberless creation was made about them and it is harder and harder to make something new or unique. For this reason, one must choose really well the places and adjust the equipment according to it. Luckily, your tour leader already knows where it is worth to go and there are places where not even he could make a praiseworthy picture.

The call is for those who like the mountains apart from taking photos and they really enjoy wandering on these heights full of challenge. It is doubtless, that the life of a photographer is harder than the life of the others. Not only because the photographer stuff pushes his shoulders besides the standard tour equipment, but he has to make some distances by the light of a head torch if he wants to do some parts until sunrise or sunset, so as to be on the spot. It is not easy to do it, not even with the help of a tour leader. The nights planned to spend in a tent cannot be so closely planned to the place of taking photos that one does not have to walk at all.

Among the high mountains of the Transylvanian Carpathians it is worth to concentrate on these mountain ranges: Fogaras mountains, Retyezat, Bucsecs, Kiralyko and Csukas, ranking them in altitude order. You can read about these separately in the hiking section, here we go into about detail only about the basics of photography.

For landscape photo it is possible to go out at any time. Yes, even in winter time, although it requires more equipment and security measures. But that is why you have got a tour leader, haven’t you?

In spring and at the beginning of summer, the landscape covered with snow patches and the splendor of the alpine flowers can be very attractive. In summer, the sudden weather change can produce unrepeatable moments, in autumn the saturation of colors, the cleanness of the air (lack of moisture) and the periodic, infinite cloud ceiling extending under your feet gives you the photo theme. In winter, the dreary landscape of the real high mountain or lights of the snowy mountain peaks in the ruddy sunset make the photo session unforgettable.

And I still did not mention the aborigines of the high mountains; the marmot or the chamois. While taking photo of the marmot requires sitting calm with patience, to follow the chamois speed and mobility is needed, many times stalking to them on mountain sides that seem unapproachable. So there are topics abundantly, one must have only determination and good mood. Please check the photos on this website or the works of other photographer’s on the internet and decide which mountain or mountain ranges are you interested in. Then, please let me know.

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