Kingsland (Burzenland + Fogarasland)

The triangle areas of Brasov – Sighisoara – Sibiu play a leading role from tourism point of view. The notorious Törcsvári (Bran – Dracula) castle means little proportion of this. This country inhabited by Saxons mainly, is the place where many built treasure has remained and today this attracts most of the visitors.

From the south side, the breaking spines of the Carpathians border them, where innumerable sights can be seen; various tour opportunities make the trips adventurous.

The owners of the fertile lands under the mountains have raised innumerable castles, fortified churches in order to protect the borderland. What in those days was meant to keep away the strangers today is the biggest attractiveness of the tourist industry built on tourism.

Recommended targets:

  • The centre of Brasov cannot be left out. Even those who already know it very well, they still take a walk here.
  • The fortress church of Prazsmar, which is on the list of the UNESCO world heritage, I still hide in the labyrinths of the corridors, I look in to the little desks, I feel and I imagine the everyday life of the communities, wanting to live in spite of the old time difficulties.
  • Törcsvári castle, known as Dracula castle, beyond the kitsch before the entrance, it has kept its romantic mood and for me it cannot be fearsome, not even the seeing of the torture instruments.
  • The farms wedged between the Magura-Pestera mountains shows something else in every season. Wonderful landscape, centuries-old lifestyle. It is a curiosity for people living is Transylvania, too. I have never seen a visitor who would not have been delighted with it.
  • The peasant castle of Barcarozsnyó is attractive for its situation as well. It is worth visiting it, for its authentic medieval mood.
  • Who haven’t heard about the road of Transzfogaras? It is considered one of the world's most famous roads and not by chance. The highway driving to high hills world (the snow-capped Fogaras mountains) is opened only in summer and leads up 2000m above the coast of the Balea lake, then on the other side down to the huge Vidraru dam. It is accompanied by waterfalls, huge cliffs, dizzying depths. From the car park above, only with one hour hiking it can be reached one of the most beautiful tarns of the Carpathians, the Goat lake.
  • On the road towards the Fagaras snow-capped mountains, we find the Fagaras castle, surrounded by a ditch.
  • In the neighborhood we can find the fascinating residues of the Cistercian abbey's building complex.
  • The old town of Sighisoara is one of the most visited targets of Transylvania. Not because Dracula count (Vlad Tepes) was born here, but because of the experience given by the medieval buildings.
  • Between Brasov and Sighisoara we can find the renovated castle of Kőhalom and the Viscri fortified church, the favourite of Prince Charles.
  • Between Sighisoara and Sibiu, there is an outstanding target, the fortified church of Berethalom. It is there above the small settlement and you will wonder, how on Earth can a small village have such a huge church? (It is an UNESCO world heritage.)
  • Can you keep up with me? I mention a few more ... the large church of Valea Viilor, this is also a UNESCO world heritage.
  • After the compulsory visit of the old town in Sibiu, it is worth to go up to Kisdisznód, where not only the evangelic “Mountain church” is interesting, but the panorama from the height is unique.

Of course, these places can be visited throughout of the year. Although along the Transfagaras one cannot go up till there is snow in the mountains, but to the Balea waterfall the road is cleaned and one can go up to the ice palace with elevator from there.

And even if we talk about a car trip, your tour leader will recommend to you small tours, leading to fabulous sights, according to the group’s physical condition. The visiting of these targets does not need special tour equipment. The meals, accommodation and travel are organized completely according to the demands of the group.


Let's visit Kingsland!

Come with us and have a wonderful journey in Kingsland.